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Garmin GPSMap 296

Upload your GPS track log files to view them overlaid on a map, with graphs of your altitude and groundspeed. You can also view your track logs in 3D with Google Earth.

You can mark your track logs as "public", which will allow other users to see them. They will also be included in our charts of best altitude keeping, highest groundspeed, fastest sustained climb etc, so you can see how fast, high and accurately you're flying compared to other pilots!

Alternatively, mark them "shared" to make them available to your friends and family - simply send them a link to the track log page or your Google Earth network link - or "private" to make them visible to you only.

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  • Altitude: ft
  • Distance: nm
  • Airspeed: kt
  • Windspeed: kt
  • Fuel burn: ltr

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