Sunrise and Sunset Calculator

With this tool, you can find sunrise and sunset times for any location worldwide, simply by selecting a point on a map or searching for a city, town or airfield name, then download or save the table as a printable PDF. Time can be displayed in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) or your local time zone, with adjustments for daylight savings time. Moon rise, moon set and lunar phase information is also displayed on the interactive map.

Step 1: Use one of the methods below to select a location

Open map Enter latitude and longitude in the format ddmmssS dddmmssE or open the map and click a point anywhere in the world.

Step 2: Choose the month you wish to view and your time zone


Calculated times apply to sea level, and don't take into account the local geography (surrounding hills, valleys etc) at the selected point. The calculated times may vary from official figures by one or two minutes. The error in moonrise and moonset calculations for locations more than 80 degrees North or South of the equator can be significantly greater.

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of our data or its fitness for any purpose.

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